Way back in 1733, the Jesuits saw that northern Chile was a ideal for producing liqueurs thanks to its dry, sunny climate. Chilean piscos were presented at international level for the first time at the 1889 Paris world’s fair, while the Chilean government obtained the appellation of origin and exclusive right to produce pisco in 1931.

In 1928, Juan Torres Casals began distilling his wines to make brandy in the Penedès region of Spain. Eighty-four years later, Miguel Torres Chile produced the winery’s first pisco in the Limarí Valley, IV region where the variety of Moscatel Rosada and Moscatel de Alejandría grapes is harvested, perfect for flavoring “El Gobernador”, the name given to our Reserved Pisco.


El Gobernador, born in the Limarí Valley, brings the spirit of adventure to northern Chile, with a reserve pisco made from Muscat Rosada and Muscat of Alexandria grapes that has an alcohol content of 40% ABV. It is produced using a process centered on a single distillation as the best way of preserving the terpenic aromas of the grapes.

Fact Sheet


Muscat Rose
Muscat Of Alexandria


Limarí Valley, Iv Region, Chile

Alcohol Content

Valley 40% Abv Single Distillation Process

Tasting Note

Bright, colorless pisco with touches of silver. Exuberant floral aroma with notes of rose and jasmine, as well as candied citrus fruit peels. On the palate it is inviting, rounded, and even creamy, with a long, persistent finish.


Cristóbal Cofré

Cristóbal Cofré

Global Brand Ambassador Pisco El Gobernador

"El Gobernador is a versatile and very aromatic pisco, due to its intensity it is very easy to mix and it gives us a universe of delicious cocktails"

Chris Dennis

Chris Dennis

UK Brand Ambassador

The flavours of Pisco are unique; a category with thousands of elements and endless versatility. From centuries of agriculture and tradition thorugh to cocktails and tabletops, its a journey of romance and life.

Javier Reynoso Cammisa

Javier Reynoso Cammisa

Global Brand Ambassador Brandy Torres

“Given the quality of its raw materials, El Gobernador Pisco is very elegant on the nose and the palate when it is tasted on its own. In cocktails, EL GOBERNADOR PISCO opens up creative possibilities thanks to its amazing floral and citrus notes.”

Adriana Soley

Adriana Soley

Brand Ambassador Spirits

“El Gobernador Pisco never ceases to amaze. As soon as you see it, that lime green grabs your attention, when you open the bottle and the floral and citrus aromas appear. When you try it, you notice the quality of the product. It’s incredibly delicate and textured.
My favorite barmen in the US have already tried it and they love it. It has unlimited versatility.
Give it some imagination and get mixing!”

Jani Virta

Jani Virta

Barman, Member Of Cocktail Trading Company

“The aromatic floral flavors and the citrus notes of El Gobernador Pisco ‘work’ with herbs, fruits, and berries. That’s why El Gobernador has a very versatile and diverse spirit you can use in a number of cocktails. My favorites are Pisco Punch and Cranberry Mule.”