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The making of such a unique wine requires a combination of climate, growing soil conditions, the expression of a particular variety, and a winemaking culture learned over generations.

We can only make this wine in years when the weather conditions allow for the development of Botrytis cinerea in Riesling, one of the varieties most susceptible to this fungus, because the wine is produced using the grapes it affects. Barrel fermentation results in a high concentration of sugar and acids, generating a highly complex, balanced wine that satisfies the most demanding palates. Its label depicts a Chilean hummingbird, an icon selected because it feeds on nectar, the nourishment contained in flowers. Just like nectar, this is a late harvest wine with a high sugar concentration.

Over several weeks, Botrytis, or noble rot, has dried out and “ennobled” the grape berries. The wine then made using these grapes takes on a beautiful old gold color, an elegant, strong aroma, and a dense, intriguing palate, with a thousand flavors of honey, flowers, and spices.


Cake, Cheese

Distance from the coast: 100 kilometers.

Specific soils of the sub-region: The soil is clay loam in texture, with an effective depth of two meters. It has a moderately acidic pH of 5.9.

The area has a sub-humid climate, with very cold nights, according to its bioclimatic indices. The influence of the Andes can be felt at night, when the temperature drops close to freezing point. Prolonged dry season in summer. The winter is wetter, with typical daily maximum temperatures of 12°C and minimums slightly above freezing.

  • 2016 90 Points LA CAV Mesa de Cata 2017, Chile

  • 2015 Gold Medal Världens Viner wine magazine, Sweden

  • 2014 Gold Medal Decanter Awards 2014, UK

  • 2014 Regional Trophy Decanter World Wine Awards 2014

  • 2014 94 Points Guía Peñín. Mejores Vinos de Argentina, Chile, España y México - Chile

  • 2013 Gold Medal Concours Mondial de Bruxelles, Belgium

  • 2012 Gold Medal Mundus Vini, Germany

  • 2012 91 Points Descorchados 2013, Chile